-tropical favorites-

Tropical Chicken & Rice

Deliciously warm and comforting, this arroz con pollo is a dish layered with lots of aromatic ingredients and seasoned to perfection!


Encrusted Seabass

Tasty yummy, savory coatings on a fresh Seabass fillet! What else can be better than this? 

Here's a super tasty macadamia-crusted sea bass to enjoy for dinner tonight!

Coconut Fried Shrimps

While quite an amazing recipe, I must add that this coconut shrimp recipe is heaven on a Dish! It really is! Golden, crispy, sweet, coconut encrusted shrimp.


Chifrijo is a dish commonly found in bars in Costa Rica.  It is a combination of rice, beans, meat and chimichurri, a tomato-based salad with lime juice.  All together, these three ingredients make for a well-balanced dish that is filling.  The meat is usually chicharrones, fried pork meat or pork skins.